Understanding Disability Discrimination

    Scott Williams
    By Scott Williams
    Understanding Disability Discrimination

    Are you removed from your job because of a recent disability found in you? Not hired for a position due to disability?  Passed up for a promotion or increment because of a disability?

    These are just some examples stating Disability Discrimination Washington can happen to you at workplace if you are found with some sort of disability. This is called discrimination at workplace.


    Employees who are unlawfully discriminated against need an attorney who is aggressive, experienced and knowledgeable and the one that can fight for and protect you and your rights.

    If you are an employer who is dealing with unjust discrimination charges can be confusing and alarming. You have to make sure that employment law attorney protects your rights.

    American with disability act (ADA) and Washington law against discrimination (WLAD) provide important workplace protection for persons with disabilities. These agencies strictly prohibit employers from engaging in any type of disability discrimination and place an affirmative obligation on employers to make reasonable accommodation for disabled employees when possible.


    State and national disability law protect against this kind of discrimination and also demands that workplace should accommodate disabled workers. But it is must for a person to be correctly recognized as a disabled in the state of Washington as per the disabled policies. Because disability is defined as a physical or mental impairment that limits major life activities.


    When it comes to employment disability discrimination Washington, DC, Disability discrimination is prohibited during any of the phase:

    • Application process for employment.
    • The hiring process.
    • The review and consideration of individuals for promotion.
    • Determining pay and benefits.
    • Discharge and termination.


    Washington State against discrimination makes it illegal for an employer to discriminate on the basis of race, creed, color, national origin, and any sensory, mental or physical disability.


    How to file a discrimination claim in Washington?

    In Washington, you can file discrimination claim with the state administrative agency, the Washington state human rights commission or the federal administrative agency.  The two agency have a work sharing agreement, which means that the agencies cooperatewith each other to process claims. Filing a claim with both agencies is unnecessary, as long as you indicate to one of the agencies that you want it to “cross-file” the claim with the other agency.


    Potential disability discrimination claims

    In case of disability discrimination, the law actually goes far beyond the hiring, promotion, pay and termination processes. Federal and Washington state law requires employers to make reasonable accommodations for disabled employees on a variety of fronts.

    Anyone from these can be the ground for a disability discrimination claim:

    • Failure to hire someone due to a disability.
    • Failure to promote someone due to a disability.
    • Taking an adverse employment action against an employee with a disability.
    • Failure to reasonably accommodate someone with a disability.
    • Termination due to a disability.
    • Retaliation because of receiving disability accommodations or because of requesting disability accommodations.


    Whether you are an employee, or potential employee, suffering workplace discrimination as a result of a disability or you are an employer facing allegations of disability discrimination then you don’t need to worry about it as disability discrimination law Washington is here to protect you from all these discrimination.


    Scott Williams

    Scott Williams

    I'm a reader, researcher & writer. I am fascinated by "laws" and "legals". I spend most of my time on the internet reading news and writing articles.
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    I'm a reader, researcher & writer. I am fascinated by "laws" and "legals". I spend most of my time on the internet reading news and writing articles.