Buy Kashmiri Kahwa tea from India

    Rahul Tiwari
    By Rahul Tiwari
    Buy Kashmiri Kahwa tea from India

    We usually hear people saying they do not know or do not enjoy tea. It is normal. Especially due to the fact we tend to feel a bit less confident when it comes to trying something new. But Tea changes everything about this misconception. Drinking tea is linked to a feeling of sensibility especially found in Green Tea tasting. 

    First of all, those of you who think that tea is a monotonous, tasteless and consider it a "boring" drink, be sure that this is a world of new discoveries and pleasure to your palate, such as Kashmiri Kahwa tea. The flavours of Kashmir sweet spices blended with natural green tea leaves. It contains ingredients such as cardamom & cinnamon. An unforgettable unique taste, that will provide the best experience in a natural beverage. 

    Tea is a spectacular drink, with different flavours and aromas (more than 3,000 varieties).

    A good Kashmiri Kahwa Tea is always present whether it a simple business meeting or friendly meet up. It transforms the ambiance through its sweet scent making it more pleasing and suggestive. 

    The offer of afternoon tea is a healthy social event that unites people. In an enclosed or outdoor setting, you will define the elegance through Kashmiri Kahwa.

    It is also a special moment with yourself. A solo time is always better with a good cup of tea on your side. It is a friendly company that provides a peaceful and relaxing moment to your mind, body and soul. 

    The habit of drinking tea is, first of all, to suggest a break for your troubled life. It comes to the conclusion that you deserve peace for all the right reasons.

    Cinnamon & Cardamom Benefits:

    Cardamom is a part of India culture. 

    Cinnamon is popular by its rich properties and smooth essence. 

    1. Natural tea combinations can prevent cancer and heart disease (antioxidants or flavonoids), decrease cholesterol
    2. Auxilia on the functioning of the digestive system
    3. Eliminates bacteria and treats infections
    4. Improves blood circulation and control blood pressure.
    5. Benefit for a headache, bronchitis, asthma and coughing
    6. Boots metabolism, also helps to lose weight by making you feel more society in your stomach
    7. Detoxifies, deflates, boots up metabolism and burns fat. 

    Importantly, the unregulated consumption of tea can be harmful to the intestine. Because it is unnatural and does not happen in a normal physiological process. The body has several stages to complete the activities of its organs. From the moment you exaggerate consumption without seeking proper medical advice (for weight loss, or intestinal problems) it may cause damage to your body functions.


    The Tea that we appreciate nowadays, are the results brought out of many years of discoveries. Through constant explorations of tea infusions and addiction of sweet spices. Kashmiri Kahwa Tea is also available online in 10 or 25 bags at Tea Me Teas. Discovering the flavour and aroma of this Tea will be an experience that will soon transform into being a good and healthy habit.

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