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    a new exit-and-entry regulation intended to standardize the issue of visas for foreigners, effective from September 1.

    The regulations provide for 12 types of visa categories based on reasons for entry.

    New and revised visa categories:
    F visa: For travelers who arrive for exchanges and visits.
    M visa: For travelers on trade and business missions.
    Q visa: For overseas Chinese traveling for family reunions, including Q1 and Q2.
    R visa: For foreign workers whose skills are urgently needed by China.
    S visa: For foreigners who come for family reunions, including S1 and S2.
    L visa: For general visitors.
    Unchanged categories:

    C visa: For international flight crews.
    D visa: For permanent residents.
    G visa: For transit passengers.
    J visa: For journalists, including J1 and J2.
    X visa: For students, including X1 and X2.
    Z visa: For foreign workers.
    In addition, financial, educational, medical, and telecommunications institutions, when necessary, can verify foreigners' identities with exit-entry management agencies of local public security organs.

    Timely Eric

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