Hong Kong Company Incorporation Guide

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    Hong Kong has become the world’s eighth largest trading economy calculated in terms of total value of trade undertaken.
    1. Introduction of HK Company set up:
    To set up a Hong KOng company is a better choice for those who start business. No need any capital verification, no need real office address, no need fix business scope... company registration in Hong Kong just become simple and friendly to all businessmen from any nationality.

    2. Advantages of registering a HK Company:
    English is the language of business in Hong Kong, and many people speak both English and Cantanese. Foreign companies can register and carry on business in Hong Kong easier than in China mainland.Hong Kong is in international city, and in fact so many investors prefer to register Hong Kong company as their offshore company and run offshore business. A Hong Kong company does not have to state its registered office address or place of incorporation on its letterhead.

    3. Tax for establishing or running a Hong Kong Company:
    The tax system under Hong Kong Inland Revenue Ordinance is relatively simple. There are three distinct and separate headings under which tax is levied:
    1-Profits Tax (Current Tax Rate 2012/13: 16.5%)
    2-Salaries Tax (Current Tax Rate 2012/13: 15%)
    3-Property Tax (Current Tax Rate 2012/13: 15%)
    Only Hong Kong sourced income is subject to Hong Kong tax. For this reason Hong Kong is a suitable base from which to administer an offshore company without tax consequence provided that company does not do business with other Hong Kong companies.

    4. Hong Kong Company Legal Secretary Services:
    According to Hong Kong Company Ordinance, every Hong Kong company must have a company secretary that must be:
    · A natural person aged 18 or above, ordinarily resides in Hong Kong; or
    · A body corporate, have its registered office or a place of business in Hong Kong.

    5. The function of a Legal Secretary for a Hoongkong company:
    Company Secretary is to maintain proper company record as required and stated in Companies Ordinance. Such as:
    1) Submit annual return to Company Registry;
    2) Maintain Shareholder(s) and Director(s) record;
    3) File proper return to Company Registry.
    4)Act as company secretary for company registration purpose;
    5)Advice on company secretarial matters.

    6. As to the Procedures of Setting up a HK Company; Documents required for registering a Hong Kong Company,welcome to get more information from our website: www.clrge.com

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