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    You can consider the establishment of the Hong Kong registered company business.

    When a company is incorporated, it has the legal person status.This means that in law, a company's identity, rights and

    obligations, is similar to treat a person is.Company is a legal entity, assets and liabilities is belong to the company

    itself, rather than anyone else's responsibility.This reduces the limited liability company shareholder's business risk.

    The word 'limited' refers to the liability of shareholders rather than the company.When a company to the creditors are

    in debt, it must use all of its assets to repay debt.

    Whether your business or import and export trade, make them bigger and stronger, registered Hong Kong company is your

    first choice.So, will let us know your idea(, we will draw the blueprint of dream for you.(www.clrge.


    The advantage of Hong Kong registered company

    • Choose the name of the company

    • • There is no limit to the scope of business of the company

    • • Setting up enterprise brand

     •• Allow shell companies

    • • Don't need to be in place of registered capital, and can open a bank account in other parts of the world

    • • Allow for offshore operations, offshore business profit gains tax shall be exempted

    • • Free trade

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