Benefits of setting up a Hong Kong Company in China

    Timely Eric
    By Timely Eric

    Where is the shopping paradise of China? Where is the Tax-free heaven for business? What about the register capital, register address, legal secretary..?Just think of it: A HK COMPANY meets all your needs: To start business regardless of real office, without paid-up capital, without too much tax, without too troublesome maintenance, etc.HK Timely is confident and qulified enough to satisfy you with all our excellent effective services.
    Have you had a good knowledge of Hong Kong company registration? Take it easy, we summarize for you as follows:
    1.avoid the tax reasonablly
    2.Freedom of company’s name
    3. Less restriction on company’s business scope
    4. Allowing the existence of shell companies, Setting up Hong Kong company is good for making advertising.
    5. Need not capital verification
    6. Enjoy preferential policies
    7.Low tax rate and less tax types in Hong Kong
    8. Avoid the loss from foreign exchange rate
    9. Financing or being listed overseas
    If there are other questions such as: Hong Kong company registration concept? Requirements of the Hong Kong company's name? Hong Kong companies registered capital requirements?
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