Hong Kong Vs. Shanghai FTZ

    Timely Eric
    By Timely Eric

    Hong Kong eyes competition from Chinese Mainland.

    The opening of free trade zones in Shanghai and Qianhai in Shenzhen is challenging Hong Kong’s stature as a "gateway" to China. The city’s proximity to the Mainland as well as its open economy make it attractive to foreign companies. While, the role is now being challenged, as free trade zones in Qianhai near Hong Kong -- as well as Shanghai open for business. Economists say the Shanghai Free Trade Zone is the one to keep an eye on.  Let's take a look at how these free trade zones change the investment playing field in Hong Kong.

    Are you still expecting cheaper imports, lower logistics costs?

    Now just draw your attention to SH FTZ. The newly-launched Shanghai pilot free trade zone (
    FTZ) started offering registration services on Tuesday. A total of 577 people applied for enterprise registration on the first day for registration, and 1,480 people visited the zone's service lobby asking for advice and information, according to an official statement.
    "Very clearly the central government would like to use, would like to see RMB internationalization type of activity to take off in Shanghai." Louis Kuijs, Chief China Economist, RBS said.

    Well, Hong Kong companies should not sit back and relax, just be ready as the game is changing.

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