More green cards given out to foreigners

    Timely Eric
    By Timely Eric

    China is giving more permanent residency permits, or green cards, to foreign nationals. Green card holders can enjoy the same rights as Chinese citizens such as employment, investment, education and social securities.Eighty percent more permits were issued in 2012 than those in previous years. At the reception hall of the Beijing Exit-Entrance Administration, every day on average about 15 foreign expats enquire about the application process.

    Yet, it is still much harder to get a green card for China than for countries like the U.S and Australia. 
    About 12,000 people were given green cards last year, while that number was over one million in the United States.
    Ms. Du Fang, Vice Dean of the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences at People's Public Security University of China said too many strict requirements and the long processing time remain two of the main problems. 
    As for businessmen, a direct investment in China for 3 years, with the minimum investment of 500,000 U.S dollars is required to be eligible for a green card.
    A job position as deputy executive or to a higher level in cutting-edge technology companies, or an associate professor in a top college who have stayed in that position for no less than four years, are also qualified to apply.
    Those who make special contributions to the country, such as world famous scholars and record-breaking athletes, as well as marrying a Chinese citizen are also eligible to apply. 

    Timely Eric

    Timely Eric

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