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    Hong Kong, as a metropolis of opportunity, originality and enterprising spirit, has been appraised by Forbes as the freest trade area globally for 10 consecutive years. As an international financial center, Hong Kong is favored by worldwide investors due to its established legal system, simplified taxation system, low taxation rate, well-equipped infrastructure and communication facilities, and high quality professionals. 

    Hong Kong offers unlimited business opportunities, and serves as a platform to global economy and commerce, whose advantages are well known, so tens of thousands of international businesses benefit from their establishment in Hong Kong. (www.clrge.com)

    HK company Advantages Generally, Hong Kong companies are being used because of following advantages : 1.With very low tax rate ( around 16.5% on net profit ) 2.Tax exempt for income not incurred in Hong Kong ( offshore income ) 3.Allow nominee shareholder and director structure 4.beneficiary owner's identity can be hidden from public company record; 5.With very stable social and political environment; 6.With very active and freedom in financial activities. 7.No restriction in fund transfer to and from most part of the world; 8.Close to and with excellent relationship with Mainland China; 9.Enjoy convenience of international banking system;

    Timely has offered a wide range of company formation and business services in supporting clients with their company formation, accounting,taxation and banking needs. we are formed by a group of fully qualified company registration, finance, accounting, business services and tax professionals. Please contact us: Eric 86-18902255670 timely23@clrge.com Add.Room924,Office Tower Garden Hotel,No.368 Huanshidong Rd. Yuexiu,Guangzhou

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