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    Establish Hong Kong company

    Nowadays, more and more business men who want to start their business first would like to choose opening Hong Kong company. Not only for it’s easy to establish but also for Hong Kong company’s many advantages.

    Tax always be thought highly before starting business. While you will find less taxation systems of Hong Kong company compares with other instruments of company. Business profit you earn is 100% tax free if they are not from local Hong Kong. 

    In addition, Hong Kong limited company has a rather good reputation, which in some extent be helpful of your worldwide business. No required virtual register capital and office so you can focus on your business expand. 

    Finally we would like to remind you that if any idea of starting your business come into your mind, please don’t hesitate to try it. An inch of time is an inch of gold! Need more assistance please contact Timely- -Vanessa. Also welcome to Office Tower in Garden Hotel. 

    Contact us: Kim Chan

    Timely Eric

    Timely Eric

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