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    Guangzhou enterprise management consulting services
    China is recognized as the best potential place to do business in 21 century. More and more companies, both multinationals and small business, have started their business there to take advantage of the huge potential markets or lower cost of production or low-cost labour force. The Chinese governments, on the national, provincial and areal levels, have also been tried hard to improve the business environment, and make it easier for Foreign investors to succeed in China.

    There are various forms of investment entities available to suit different business objectives and operations in China:

    1. Wholly Foreign-Owned Enterprise ( WFOE)
    A WFOE as the name suggests - is 100% foreign owned but could be a manufacturing wfoe, consulting wfoe,catering wfoe etc. It will allow you greater management control and flexibility.

    2. Foreign Invested Commercial Enterprise(FICE)
    A FICE could also be classified as a WFOE and it is in nature a trading company allowed to do retail and wholesale activities in China.

    3. Joint Ventures(JV)
    If your investment involves a Chinese partner you could probably go to set up either a Sino-Foreign equity joint venture or a cooperative joint venture.

    4. Representative Office ( RO)
    Setting up a representative office has been the most simple way to get into China and the easiest way to gain on-the-market experience.

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