Dengue: A Global Health Concern:

    By Meenakshi
    Dengue: A Global Health Concern:

    Dengue haemorrhagic fever or simply Dengue fever is the most significant arthropod-borne viral disease. An estimated 2.5 billion people are under the danger of this infection globally. Out of which around 975 million belongs to urban areas. Aedes aegypti types of mosquitoes are primarily responsible for infecting the humans. The virus transfers from the intestinal tract of the mosquito to the salivary glands. This happens after an extrinsic period of incubation. This approximately takes ten days and is utmost hasty at high temperatures.

    Symptoms of Dengue

    There are several patterns that are categorised on the basis of immunological status and age.

    Main signs of initial stage are:

    • Malaise
    • Fever
    • Headache
    • Rashes on body
    • Body Pains

    Main signs of severe stage are:

    • Thrombocytopenia
    • Continuous abdominal pain
    • Bleeding
    • Restlessness
    • Sudden reduction in temperature
    • Profuse perspiration,
    • Adynamia (loss of strength)
    • Fainting

    Dengue Treatment with Ague Nil

    Currently, no vaccine is available for the disease. It can only be controlled through proper management, careful monitoring, and awareness about effective preventive medicines like Ague Nil from Dr. Bhargava. Its composition includes magical herbs like Giloy, Papaya Leaf, Neem, and Tulsi. All of these have high importance in boosting the immunity of body as well as platelet count. It also includes some of the important homeopathic compositions helpful in preventing the dengue disease. They are Rhus-tox, Gelsemium Sempervirent, Eupatorium perfoliatum, and Belladonna.

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