Workshop on Music by Tarun Bhalla at AAFT

    Anil Prajapati
    By Anil Prajapati
    Workshop on Music by Tarun Bhalla at AAFT

    Noida: AAFT School of Performing Arts invited renowned music director Tarun Bhalla from Mumbai to conduct a workshop on music and its latest trends in India at Noida Film City.
    “As a professional field, fine-arts offers some very interesting and challenging career opportunities. For all those looking to make a career out of it, a certification or degree course in music & fine arts would help you cut it” said Bhalla emphasizing on the formal training of music for all those who wants to join music business.
    “AAFT music academy has an array of degree and diploma music production courses at the bachelors and masters level. From the comprehensive four-year bachelor program in music to short-term diploma courses, we offer a wide variety in our programs. All our courses have a singular approach–to make students successful professionals in the field of fine arts” said Sandeep Marwah President Marwah Studios.
    The interactive workshop was a hit. It gave ample exposure to the students about Bollywood style of music and unwritten norms of the industry.


    Anil Prajapati

    Anil Prajapati

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