ICMEI Opens A New Chapter With Country of Burundi

    Anil Prajapati
    By Anil Prajapati
    ICMEI Opens A New Chapter With Country of Burundi

    ICMEI President Sandeep Marwah and Secretary General Ashok Tyagi visited the embassy of Burundi and met the ambassador Her Excellency KATABARUMWE Regine and Deputy Chief of Mission Etienne BUREGEYA.
    Sandeep Marwah informed the Deputy Chief of Mission Etienne BUREGEYA how the Film City, Noida has become the fastest growing film city in the world and how the ICMEI- International Chamber of Media & Entertainment Industry-located over there is rapidly uniting the world through art and culture.
    To boost the growth of the film and television industry in Burundi, Sandeep Marwah offered a scholarship to a deserving student from Burundi to come and study a short-term 3-month course in a subject of the student’s choice at AAFT.
    Marwah proposed that Indo-Burundi Cultural Forum be launched to pursue many proposals on a regular basis and the ambassador of Burundi Her Excellency Ms. KATABARUMWE Regine should come and inaugurate the forum at the international headquarters of ICMEI.


    Anil Prajapati

    Anil Prajapati

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