1attempt launches GRE Prep score for aspiring business school aspirants

    By 1attempt
    1attempt launches GRE Prep score for aspiring business school aspirants

    Abu Dhabi (13 Feb 2016): A look at the global trend of higher education and you will realize increasing number of MBA aspirants are take the GRE exam to get admission in reputed colleges in US, UK and other English speaking countries. As per statistics provided by ETS, the number of MBA aspirants taking GRE test has increased by staggering 10%. In the last testing year 2014-2015, citizens from more than 200 countries took the GRE test. There has been continuous increase in number of GRE test takers across the world. Globalization of education is happening at rapid pace and ETS observed that 2014-2015 testing year saw 7% rise in GRE test takers from other countries other than United States.

    GRE scores are accepted in more than 1,200 business schools across the world. Currently 94 of the 2016 top business schools in United States accept GRE test scores. Most business schools are following the Harvard business school method of taking GRE test scores equally with other entrance tests. Top business schools do not show a bias toward GRE or other entrance test. Students should know that there is no minimum and maximum GRE or GMAT score to apply for these colleges.

    There has been increasing number of Emirati citizens opting for universities in United States and other English speaking countries for higher education. If you look at the figures, around 2,256 UAE students were studying in US year in 2012/2013. The number of students has increased in recent years due globalization of education. The increasing number of GRE test takers has also increased the competition for limited seats in reputed universities.

    1 attempt GRE prep course comes at a time when the GRE test pattern is changing and students are left in dark in absence of proper guidance. At 1attempt we take efforts to give students complete guidance which starts from how each sections are weighted in GRE and other international tests. Given the uncertainty that comes with a new test pattern, there has been increase in the number of GRE test takers at our GRE Abu Dhabi centers and GRE Dubai centers. We know how important GRE test for getting admission in reputed foreign universities. Our Study material GRE and study material GMAT allow all applicants to benefit from the research based personalized GRE and GMAT test preparations thereby allowing them to get admission in reputed US and UK universities of their choice.



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