Investing in Commercial / Retail Property in Ghaziabad

    Rupesh Gupta
    By Rupesh Gupta
    Investing in Commercial / Retail Property in Ghaziabad

    Ghaziabad has emerged as one of the quickest growing sector in India in terms of Commercial Land, Industries, IT Sector, Residential Area and much more in last decade. A boom of investment in Commercial Property is clearly visible which includes Commercial Shops, Studio Apartments, Virtual Space, Retail Space etc. The infrastructure of Ghaziabad now in talks and the city getting popular because of the massive buildings, National Highways, easy connection with nearby locations of National Capital Delhi.

    The reason people are investing in Commercial Shops in Ghaziabad and it’s all because of the rise in massive supermarket and malls. People mostly enjoy their free time in malls and high street. If we observe Ghaziabad people, they are wearing & eating the product from massive brands that has changed the living style of people from metro cities (Ghaziabad) now.

    Investment in Commercial Shops in Ghaziabad produces higher return than other cities. And another benefit is the developer offering small unit around 250 Sq ft which allows the customers to make money in very low budget. Now a days the Doctors, Engineers & other professional turning toward the investment in Commercial Shops.

    The greatest advantage of investment in Real Estate is that you have much choice from the number of projects. The Area Indirapuram of Ghaziabad is being modern with above amenities. One more thing you are the one who decides whether the property you investing in will give you return as you have expected. Once you know that only you are responsible for investment than sure you will seek more for full detail of your property.

    Lots of factor matters while investing in Commercial shops, Let me mention few of them here which surly helps you :-

             Project Location

             Unit’s Price

             Amenities of Project

             Developer Reputation


    Reasons to Invest in Commercial Property:-

    Income potential. Commercial properties generally have an annual return off the purchase price between 6 - 12% .

    Public eye.  The renter will keep you shop clean always.

    Limited hours of operation. Every business has limited time. It’s not more than 12 hour.

    Triple net leases. Lease is higher than residential property sure.

    Professional relationships. Definitely, there is number of professionals around you.  


    Rupesh Gupta

    Rupesh Gupta

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