Tips for doing well in GRE Verbal Reasoning

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    Tips for doing well in GRE Verbal Reasoning

    The Verbal reasoning is one of the sections in GRE which is rated on a scale of 130 – 170. Here are some straightforward tips from counselors at GRE Dubai to score well in Verbal reasoning:

    Improving your vocabulary is the best way to prepare for GRE Verbal reasoning. There is no other way to succeed in GRE Verbal reasoning.   You can start with reading plenty of word lists. But wait ending word lists is not enough; you need to develop word vocabulary strategy. You can start with GRE Flashcards that will help youunderstand the meaning and use of the word learnt.

    You should know the Verbal reasoning section does not have entertaining passages. The passages are more of academic types and your need to really give it a lot of thought while answering questions from these passages.The best policy to succeed is practice more academic passages

    While solving Verbal Reasoning section, you should not waste time on difficult questions. Many times we have a habit of clinging to that difficult question in the test. To get good score in Verbal Reasoning, you need to develop a sense of pacing so that you don’t spend all your time on few questions.

    You can learn the art of time management by taking plenty of practice tests that help you develop a sense of pacing. A few practice tests and you will never face the issues of time management in GRE Tests.

    The last important tip to crack GRE Verbal reasoning is not to get trapped in fancy words. Counselors at GRE Dubai tell students that there are several detractor words in the tests. You need to know why a particular answer is wrong or right and have a cool head while answering such questions.



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