Radio Noida Allots Special Slot to Students

    Anil Prajapati
    By Anil Prajapati
    Radio Noida Allots Special Slot to Students

    Noida: The President of Radio Noida Sandeep Marwah motivated the students of Asian School of Media Studies and Asian Academy of Film And Television to participate in Radio Noida in a big way.
    A committee has been formed under the guidance of Albeena HOD Mass Communication Department of ASMS of 50 young enthusiastic students who will prepare some interesting, informative and entertaining program for Radio Noida 107.4FM.
    The students of media suggested different ideas, which were later corrected by the station Director of Radio Noida Sushil Bharti,. “What a wonderful bunch of ideas these young RJs have started giving in. We are the first one in this area to broadcast these kind of programs” said Sushil Bharti.
    Radio Noida has been serving the community from last six years and now is available to the whole World through radionoida . fm.


    Anil Prajapati

    Anil Prajapati

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