Renowned Film Producer Boney Kapoor Visits AAFT

    Anil Prajapati
    By Anil Prajapati
    Renowned Film Producer Boney Kapoor Visits AAFT

    Noida: The visit of renowned film producer Boney Kapoor brought new energy to the AAFT campus. The staff, administration and faculty had the wonderful opportunity to interact with the film maker.
    “The great filmmakers like Boney Kapoor bring huge experience of film making to the education setups. Their words are like golden words which can bring lots of motivation and enthusiasm in students life” said Sandeep Marwah President of Marwah Studio.
    “I always find interesting changes in the campus of AAFT. It is so encouraging to see that AAFT and its students have created a wonderful niche for themselves in the media and entertainment industry” said Boney Kapoor
    Boney Kapoor has been the producer of some of the finest films in the film industry. His films like Woh Saat Din, Mr. India, Judai, No Entry, Bewafa, Pukar, Wanted and Tevar have left huge impact on the audience.

    Anil Prajapati

    Anil Prajapati

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