Social Media Marketing Strategy

    By Centillien
    Social Media Marketing Strategy

    Everyone agrees that social media changes the world of marketing and even the lifes of billions of people.

    A question that has been asked repeatidly in companies is how to setup a strategy to effectively deal with social media. 

    The list I came up with is:

    • Publish first. Let your audience know what you are doing and inform them on why that is so interesting to them
    • React. Check and read what has been said about your company or product and respond to that in a postive and non defensive way. Especially on criticism.
    • Gather what has been said on social media about your company or product or better the industry as a whole.
    • Analyse, use intelligent software to search for correlations and symptomatic issues and related them to audience, mood and the users environment. This can give very insightfull information on returning to the beginning of the cycle: Publish.

    As you might have understood, this is a recurring cycle, where improvements are in the process itself and do not need to be over analysed upfront. It is an exploration where self learning plays a great role. 

    Try it and let us know what you have come up with.






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