4th Global Festival of Journalism Celebrated World Radio Day

    Anil Prajapati
    By Anil Prajapati
    4th Global Festival of Journalism Celebrated World Radio Day

    Noida: “Participation of so many countries on 12th February – International Day of Journalism and 13th World Radio Day proves that Love Peace and Unity is still the priority of the World. Here I have learned more than my expectations.” said H.E. Dr. Mbuya Isaac Munlo High Commissioner of Malawi to India, while inaugurating the World Radio Day on the second day of 4th Global Festival of Journalism Noida 2016.
    4th Global Festival of Journalism offered workshops, seminars, master classes, documentaries, symposiums, talks, interactions with the people from all over the World and to bring Love Peace and Unity through journalism.
    “Radio has proved to be the most popular medium of communication. It is also the completion of six years of our Radio Noida 107.4FM. Radio Noida can be heard all over the World through mobile and internet,” added Sandeep Marwah, President of Marwah Studio and Global Cultural Minister.
    “Journalists must realize their responsibility while reporting and publishing news. Every word leaves an impact on the reader. We are here to build the nation,” said Yogendra Narain Former Secretary General of Rajya Sabha and Chairman ICMEI Planning Commission.
    “The trends must change from negative news to positive news. This is the country of young people, we must guide them through all the mediums of media” expressed Sushil Tripathi the former Secretary Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas, Government of India.
    Amendera Sinha of India Live Channel, K.D.Gupta Chairman Environment Committee ICMEI, Laxmi Shankar Vajpai former Director General All India Radio, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Maann Singh Deep a filmmaker also spoke on the occasion.
    A poster of No More Missing Campaign, Poster of International Women’s Film Forum, a book on film industry- Unmasking and a news letter all were released by the guests. Later Sandeep Marwah honored the guest with the life membership of International Journalism Centre of AAFT.
    The festival was attended by large number of film, television and media persons from all over India and abroad. H.E. Dr. Mbuya Isaac Munlo High Commissioner of Malawi to India proposed to start the Indo Malawi Cultural Forum soon.

    Anil Prajapati

    Anil Prajapati

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