2 Ways To Keep Your Spectacles Clean

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    Are you a Spectacle Wearer? If so,  you’ve already faced the problem of having dirt, oil and grime build up on your spectacles . You can’t deny that you’ve most instinctively used the corner of your shirt to clean your specs of lenses at least once or twice in life, but cleaning spectacles with your shirt is a bad practice. When using your shirt or any average cloth to clean lenses you could be damaging your lenses with dust particles that are present on the cleaning cloth or the lens and damage the lens coatings. Today we share the most effective way to clean your spectacles and lenses .

    How To Keep Your Spectacles Clean :

    2 Ways To Keep YourSpectacles Clean

    Use Specially Formulated Cleaning Agents :

    Spectacles hold lenses that help you see properly and these lenses go through a lot of processing and finishing to give you that perfect vision everyday. Most modern lenses come with special layers and coatings to adhere to the needs of the users and this makes it really important to not use harsh detergents, anything with ammonia or bleaching agents. There are many specially formulated spectacle cleaners available that can be used in cleaning lenses without damaging the coating or the frame.

    Most of these cleansers come in spray formulas and can be sprayed over the lenses. Use a microfiber cloth or a fresh lint free cotton cloth to gently wipe the lenses and see the difference in how clean your glasses look. Also use the same spray to clean the edges and the frame and get rid of oil and grime every night before you go to bed.


    Use Mild Kitchen Detergent :

    If you don’t have a specially formulated spectacle cleaner, use warm water and kitchen detergent without ammonia to clean your glasses. Firstly, take slightly warm water in a bowl or in your sink and use a few drops of mild kitchen detergent and mix well. Now soak your glasses in this mix and use your fingers to gently rub over the lens and frame to remove the grime oil and dirt. Now after a few minutes take the glasses out and use a lint free cloth or microfiber cloth to gently wipe the lens and dry the lenses in air. Afterwards if the lenses have water marks wipe them again with lint free cloth or microfiber cloth.


    Do’s And Don’ts Of Cleaning Glasses:

    • Never use Spit to Clean your Glasses
    • Never use dirty clothes to Wipe Spectacles
    • Never Wipe Glasses When they are Dry
    • Never use harsh detergents
    • Always use Lint Free Cloth or Microfiber Cloth
    • Always clean your glasses before going to bed
    • If nothing is available rinse them under normal tap water
    • Never use Hot water, as it will damage the coating on your lens

    So, now that you know two easy ways to clean your spectacles , you can now clean your glasses correctly and enjoy a clearer picture everyday.


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