How To Avoid Premature Cataracts

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    Aging brings a few common eye problems along with it, and the most common one is Cataract. Our eyes are complex mechanisms that are also the most active muscles in our body. But with age and by heredity there occur many eye problems like cataracts, and this might be the most common one. It can be termed as a clouding over the eye’s natural lens that helps focus on images and lets us see properly.

    There have been cases of patients younger than 60 years experiencing this eye problem. In fact, some patients have developed it in as young age as their 40s. Although developing it at a young age is not common, it is important to know the warning signs, potential causes, and how they are treated.

    How To Avoid Premature Cataracts

    Here are the main types of Cataracts:

    • A Sub capsular Cataract: This type occurs at the back of the lens and is mostly common in Diabetes patients. Also those with a history of high steroid medications have greater risk of developing this particular type of eye problem.
    • A Cortical Cataract: This type can be usually seen as a wedge like white colored opacity that develops around the lens area. These white opacities work their way to the center of the lens and this type actually occurs in the cortex area.
    • A Nuclear Cataract: This type forms in the central part of the lens and can be seen in aged people commonly.

    Cataract Symptoms that You Can Realize:

    It has been seen that at first these start out small and do not really affect your vision. The vision slowly gets cloudy as if you are looking through a cloudy glass. Common signs associated include feeling overexposed or seeing glares in normal light. Colors also become faded and in the case of Nuclear Cataract, you might even experience a short time improvement in your near vision.

    Cause of Cataracts:

    Our eyes work like the lens of a camera. It focuses the light onto the retinal surface and provides clear vision by adjusting the focus of the eye. But with age some proteins clump up and cloud a small area on the lens. This clouding can make your vision blurry. This change in the eye has doctors and researchers baffled as the exact cause cannot be traced back. But the main factors can be included as UV Radiation , Diabetes, Hypertension, Obesity, Smoking, Corticosteroid medication usage at a long stretch, Cholesterol reducing medications, eye injury, surgery, alcohol abuse, myopia or hereditary factors.

    How To Avoid Developing Cataracts :

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    Most of these causes can be controlled with caution from an early age. One of the main reasons include UV radiation from sunlight and other sources. For that, one can use sunglasses that protect eyes from excessive lights as well as UV radiation. It’s always a good idea to wear sunglasses when outdoors whether you’re in strong sunlight or even when it’s cloudy. It’s best to wear a sunglass that blocks 100% of UV rays, is preferably Polarized for optimum vision comfort.

    Also it’s necessary to follow a balanced lifestyle and avoid junk foods, alcohol or smoking to help keep your chances of developing Cataracts at young ages low. If you’re feeling a clouding over your vision get an optometrist to check your eyes and suggest solutions.

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