Six Outstanding Features of Crizal Lenses

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    Crizal Lenses by Essilor, the leaders among Optical Lens Manufacturers worldwide have made their mark as the trusted optical lens manufacturer. Crizal lenses are a trusted name among optical lens wearers.

    Crizal Lenses offer some vision enhancing features that make these lenses stand out from the rest.

    • UV Protection: Crizal lenses help shield eyes from potentially harmful UV Radiation.
    • Scratch Resistance: Resist scratches and keep the lenses in great shape and enjoy great vision for longer.
    • Water Repellent: Resist smudges and watermarks and clean lenses easily. Water droplets do not adhere to the surface and slide off for better vision even in watery conditions
    • Dust Repellent : Dust does not adhere to the lenses and is easier to clean
    • Smudge Resistant: Resist smudges and oil marks and clean them easily with a Crizal lens.
    • Anti Reflection: Cut out reflections and halos to get clearer vision at all times of the day.

    In This Infographic We Present The Different Features of Crizal Lenses :


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    Posted: November 18, 2015, 6:00 am

    Online Glasses Shopping :

    Online Glasses Shopping :

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