Noida is a Great Destination for Buying Real Estate

    Rupesh Gupta
    By Rupesh Gupta

    Whenever someone buys a personal or commercial real estate property in Noida, he or she is expected to reap a lot of benefits. The location of this city itself is a great advantage as it is surrounded by Delhi, Ghaziabad, Gurgaon, and Faridabad. This gives the city a central location in NCR (National Capital Region). Compared to any other city, thus, it comes up as the best destination, be it for commercial purposes or residential purposes.

    The communication to this place is great as well. Delhi metro rail has made it very convenient for the residents of Delhi to go to Noida. It is the fastest mode of communication as well. Using the newly built Yamuna Expressway, one can reach the extension avoiding traffic and saving time. One can use National Highway 24 and reach Ghaziabad easily. Lots of super specialty hospitals are here which one can reach out to if emergency strikes. There is no shortage of reasons why the real estate investment is growing in Noida.

    As this is one of the most well planned cities in India, there is hardly any congestion or traffic jam here. Roads are wide and are well defined, which improves the reach to the deepest corners of the city. This has amounted for a considerable growth in real estate here. Even educational institutes like engineering and medical colleges, management institutes have opened their campus in the vicinity. As there are loads of schools in the vicinity, primary and secondary education can be easily availed as well.

    As the industries grew here, along with higher education industry, commercial real estate properties in Noida have seen unprecedented growth. A lot of multiplexes, shopping malls and commercial markets have come up. These malls are full with eateries of international fame, clothing brands and everything else our modern life needs.

    When we look at the hotels here, like Park Plaza and Radisson, we can be sure of its prosperity. For entertainment purpose, it has Worlds of Wonder in Sector 18, a theme park with multiple amusement options. All these come together to tell us one thing, this is the most sought after place in India for real estate.

    However, before buying or investing in real estate, take the usual precautions. Use the internet and check what the people are saying about the property and its developer, before you buy or invest in a particular project. Although there are frauds, finding a reputed broker firm is rather easy.


    Rupesh Gupta

    Rupesh Gupta

    Rupesh Kumar is an eminent writer who features years of experience in real estate writing.