New webrtc based videochat application

    By Centillien
    New webrtc based videochat application

    We are pleased to announce that we have successfully moved our videochat application to a more robust, reliable and still open platform.

    It is fully webbased, no client needed whatsoever. It is integrated with our regular chat application. 

    We have built this on an easyrtc application server hosted by Centillien. It uses webrtc as underlying protocol which has great advantage of offloading traffic and making direct connections between the participants. It has great video and audio capability, even with low bandwidth. That was important, since not all countries and regions in the world have broadbant internet capability.

    You can chat one on one, or in a group of maximum 4 people. All free offcourse. The application has been funded by the Dutch government.

    As always, we hope you like it.



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