Shaping new opportunities in commercial segment with Elan Mercado

    Rd Prajapati
    By Rd Prajapati

    Commercial real estate investment requires thoughtful mindset, caution and perseverance. The objective while investing in commercial property is good appreciation. Also one needs to figure out whether you are choosing the correct locale for investment. A commercial property will only flourish if it is positioned nearby populated areas and has excellent connectivity to all basic amenities. Location plays the prime role and as a decision factor if the business would profit or not. Also one needs to make sure that you are planning to invest with the right builder. Elan Mercado is a new era in retail segment by choosing a favorable location in Gurgaon and from an upcoming developer Elan Group. This is a well designed commercial property for the brighter and sharper modern generation of the current masses. This is a pristine project that is surrounded by fluid green landscaping of over 6 acres which is very new concept in a commercial project. Planned flawlessly by the designers and architects of recent age, this retail project will create a milestone for the subsequent generations. This development will be the best constructional work by this inevitable developer. Located at a proximal area of Sector 80, Gurgaon, this commercial project will have important places at a stone’s throw away like domestic and international airports, NH8, IFCO Chowk, Gurgaon Manesar toll etc. The project is found within the territory of luxury residential homes like Raheja Revanta, Unitech destiny Lakelands, Godrej Frontier, DLF Primus It is also close to everyday needy places and good transportation facilities enable a good conveyance to this venture. This is another opportunity in Gurgaon to own high end retail double height shops of 18 ft. approximately. The units are sized at 301 to 900 sq.ft. and are low maintenance shops. Comprising all the modern amenities and specifications of a unique concept that includes food court, atm’s, restaurants, café, health club etc., Elan Mercado Gurgaon is the best consolidation of elegance and modern day shopping experience. The builders are a collaborated venture of K & T Group and ATF Infrastructure, which have signaled new chapters in real estate world. They are vigilantly focused on creating and shaping spaces that can reconstruct lives for an exceptional tomorrow and a sophisticated world around us. With a strong presence in Northern India, especially Delhi NCR, they are launching soon another project names Elan West.


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    Rd Prajapati

    Rd Prajapati

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