Iconic residential project of 40 acre by Unity Group

    Rd Prajapati
    By Rd Prajapati

    One of the biggest decisions that we make at some point in life is buying a home. There is a major population of individuals that spend a lifetime in staying at a rented place because owning a house is a massive commitment. Hence people prefer renting off instead. Buying a home also is a laborious task and involves a good amount of time and of course investing one’s hard earned savings. There are however quite a few interests of owning your own home as listed below:
    • Owner of your home and can stay in it as long as you like without having the hassle of shifting places
    • Convert and renovate it as per liking
    • Pride of owning a home
    • Appreciation potential
    • Best source of investment

    An upcoming residential project by Unity Group provides more reasons on why should one own a home rather than renting it. Unity Group Delhi project is a new mega residential project spread over 39.8 acres at New Rohtak Road, Karol Bagh. These residential apartments feature magnificent 3BHK and 4BHK luxury apartments with floor spaces of 2400 sq.ft. And 3400 sq.ft. Approximately. The project is sited at a notable location of Delhi. With huge increase in commercialization, availability of pocket friendly deals and mouthwatering ventures Delhi is taking a front seat in providing best in class properties. The group proffers to construct tentatively 7-8 towers and 4 iconic towers. This will be developed into a gated community featuring a central park as well.

    Speaking about the advantages of location, Unity Group Karol Bagh is an exhaustively swanky locale and has easy access to schools, malls, shopping complexes, local markets, hospitals and other daily places of visit. This also has convenient access to the metro route thus making it an advantageous site to reside.

    Know the builder – Unity Group

    Unity Group projects started the company eighteen years back in 1996 from a single commercial development of 280 sq.mtrs. In Pitampura, Delhi and have come far-off way since then. Unity Group takes delight in having developed approximately 10 million sq.ft. Of commercial, hospitality and institutional spaces and are categorized to be one of the top multi-asset real estate development companies in Delhi. The company marks its massive and colossal success to the fact that they are a ‘Zero Debt’ company. The developers are currently building 15 million sq.ft. of residential, healthcare, retail and office spaces across the national capital.

    Rd Prajapati

    Rd Prajapati

    understands and respects this need and over the years we have changed the rules of the industry.