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    Having a website is usually a great asset to any business. There are two main reasons to have a website designed, first is e commerce which is simply an online shop where you can showcase and sell products over the internet. An ecommerce site will generally have a shopping cart and payment system built in so you can actually take payment for goods and services online using debit or credit cards. The second main use for a website would be an informational site, the purpose of this type of website would be to give the reader or visitor information on a given subject or service. An information site could still be used as part of a sales strategy but unlike an ecommerce website an informational site would not be able to take payments online, it would direct sales enquiries to a contact page or telephone number for its users to contact the site owner.

    Regardless of which type of website your business may need you can quite safely say that without some kind of marketing strategy your website is unlikely to found by potential users. The internet holds literally millions of websites covering pretty much every subject known to man, and probably has websites selling the same in products too so what is just as important as actually having a website designed and built is your online marketing strategy to get the website found in all the major search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo etc.

    Online marketing is very often referred to as SEO or Search Engine Optimisation. Which means that the website or web page has been optimised or created in a certain way to allow the search engines to find it for certain search terms or key words that the user or searcher may enter into the search bar on Google for instance.

    On page optimisation for any website is certainly a skill in its own right, do it correctly and your website will rank well in the search engine listings but get it wrong and unfortunately it’s likely that your website will never be easy to find. With SEO or Search engine Optimisation there is not just one thing to consider there are many different ways to market your page or site depending on the products and services you may supply. Having a good online SEO strategy goes hand in hand with a good useable website that engages your potential customers and keeps them reading or visiting your site and hopefully turns them into paying customers.

    All website owners, especially ecommerce or online shop owners strive to be in No 1 position or at the top of the listings as they know that it can be a very lucrative position indeed. It’s kind of like being the first shop on the high street that customers will see. If you can get customers into your site and your site is good quality then you are doing the right job and should sell your products or services quite easy.

    As with most things in life, SEO can certainly be a challenge and SEO experts generally have a lot of knowledge on how to get your website found, which is why most people, especially companies outsource their online marketing to an SEO company, this ensures that the correct approach to market is covered and hopefully they will obtain reasonable positions in the search engine rankings but the problem is that there are many good respectable SEO companies out there who take the right approach to online marketing but there are also many that don’t.

    Some companies just want the money for doing very little or try cutting corners by manipulating the search engines into thinking that the website they are promoting is better than it actually is. This is known as black hat marketing and can be a very dangerous thing to do.

    Google and all major search engines have teams of staff and high powered computers that scans the internet looking for keywords and information constantly, it’s this very information and keyword strategy that they use to decide if a website has good SEO strategies or bad manipulative ones. These scanning computers are referred to as robots and if the robots scan your site, which they undoubtedly will, and they find black hat or manipulative SEO techniques then they will not only disregard your site and move it to the deep depths of the millions of other websites at the bottom of the listings, but if they view your site as really bad but they can go as far as temporarily deleting it, this is often referred to as sandboxing. This could have permanent implications for your website as it will be deemed as not trusted, and just as in the real world, trust goes a long way in SEO and website promotion.

    If you have a website and fancy having a go at SEO then don’t be put off by the above, but you should always bear in mind that there is a correct way and a wrong way to do things and SEO is one of those things that just takes time and patience, it’s something that you start softly and keep building on, constantly adding value to your strategy as you go on and it certainly helps to have experience and knowledge on your side. If you are not really savvy then it’s probably best left to someone that understands they very complicated world of SEO.

    Just make sure you choose an SEO company wisely and ask the company you approach to provide results on other websites they have promoted successfully, at least this way you can rest assured that your online marketing campaign is in safe hands and you are free to put your time into other parts of the business or project.

    By: Johnny G
    Posted: February 20, 2015, 2:30 pm

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