New innovations in healthcare due to IOT

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    Internet of Things has been gaining attention and traction in the IT market since recent years. The concept of the IOT entails the use of electronic devices that gather data and connect it with a private or public cloud. This data is further grouped, classified and analyzed. In turn, several other product portfolios are launched keeping in mind the requirements of the business clients as well as the end users. The demand for connected devices spans multiple industries including the energy, automotive and consumer spaces. The integration of all such devices has led to  greater level of convenience, efficiency, and automation. The greatest benefit of IOT has till date been observed in the healthcare industry with a number of devices ben launched to cater to the well being of the patients as well as their physicians and surgeons.

    A number of organizations are held responsible for the creation of complex medical machinery, spanning across the globe. Devices are not the only beneficiary element while launching products in the healthcare arena. The users as well as the industrialists are highly concerned about the chemical processes and the drugs required to prevent or cure the life threatening ailments. Not to mention, sourcing managers want to know whether logistics partners distributed finished products appropriately. Radio frequency identification and Internet connected smart devices pose a number of challenges while regulating the various interconnected processes in the healthcare. One must implement assets and platforms that can scrutinize the problem areas and implement the aforementioned technology using the cloud as well as app development technology.

    A survey unveiled that RFID could be used in the healthcare sector can be seen in medical reporting, blood transfer surveillance, pharmaceutical monitoring, human resources identification and, of course, distribution tracking. Transparency maintained barcode technology has hindered RFID growth, primarily due to its pre-established use throughout the industry.

    Cloud infrastructure plays a great role in connecting devices and provides organizations with the platforms necessary to aggregate, process and utilize data produced by Internet-connected devices. It also renders the means to access applications and data from any place possessing Web access, it makes sense to deploy RFID solutions through the cloud.


    By: Ridhima Gupta
    Posted: December 15, 2014, 1:08 pm

    Mobile Programming LLC.

    Mobile Programming LLC.

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