Facebook's Places Directory Gets Updated

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    A story that is trending right now looks at the re-launch or update of Facebook places app. If you haven’t seen it yet you might want to check it out as it’s a great smooth looking portal. Many people feel that this is a great social search portal for local areas that is going to change the way we use local searches to find the best place to go for entertainment on a night out or when deciding where to go and what to see on our holidays or vacation.

    Facebook is hoping it will become the software to use whenever you are planning a trip to a new country, town or city or even just planning a night out in your own locality. Say for instance you are planning a trip to London or New York and you have never been before, the likes of Trip Advisor can surely help you out but Facebook’s Places integration does it all so smoothly that you won’t need to check out another website to find the best place to visit, you can do it all from inside the Facebook app.

    Online journalists who have tested this feel that it’s still somewhat a beta version but has all the indications of being a super addition that will have other travel search and info sites such as Yelp or Trip Advisor possibly quaking in their boots. The app will only get better and more informative with time and with Facebook holding a huge database of registered users it will soon become the thing to use mainly because a lot of people already use Facebook as more than just a social media interface.

    As mentioned above a few people feel it’s still got a way to go and is a kind of beta version (beta versions of apps are usually new and in the real life testing process) at the moment the search does not necessarily produce the best results even when searching for companies that have an established Facebook business or personal page but this will only get better as the app gets updated.

    The new Places directory allows users to search by City name or other places but it’s still a little off the mark with the results it delivers, for instance searching for “ best sushi London” doesn’t give any results according to one journalist from Search Engine Land who has been testing the beta version.

    When a Facebook user visits a particular town or city they can search the app by typing things like bars, restaurants, entertainment or attractions etc. Each category produces a list of results that are relevant to the user, by using the geo location information it currently holds on the user and the social media info of the user’s social media profile and Facebook usage. Imagine that, Facebook Places will not only be able advise you on trending places to visit based on information it has gleaned from users but it will be able to advise you on the where-a-bouts of other people on your social network such as friends or colleagues are, and what they are doing in real time!

    Imagine you have just arrived at a restaurant in Leeds City centre for instance, even if you don’t use the ‘check in’ function on Facebook the app still knows where you are from the geo location information provided by your phone or tablet, by utilising this information it can let you know that you have, for instance, 5 friends in the area at the moment and that they may be in a particular bar or event nearby, you could use this to either meet up with them or actually avoid them, whichever you prefer.

    There are many people that think this particular part of the apps capabilities is great, a perfect way to enhance your night out experience but there also other that think it’s a step too far and intrusive on your privacy.

    If you own an android or IPhone believe me when I tell you that your little bundle of technology already knows everywhere you go and for how long so if you are not happy with this kind of info being utilised then it’s probably best that you leave your phone at home.

    So love it or hate it, watch out for the upcoming updates on Facebook places as it won’t be long before it will be a major feature in all face booker’s lives.

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    By: Johnny G
    Posted: November 13, 2014, 3:42 pm

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