Firefox dumps Google from its default search engine.

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    Yahoo, the tech giant, will soon replace Google on Mozilla Firefox’s web browser as the default search engine initially just in the US. At the moment anyone using the Firefox browser will by default be using Googles listings to find what they are searching for but all this will change when Yahoo takes over, instead of seeing the Google search results users will see Yahoo’s results pages instead.

    According to the BBC News channel, some industry insiders feel that this is not a positive move by Firefox, with Google holding 67% of US desktop searches and a whopping 90% of all searches made globally they feel that the quality of search results may be compromised but this is something that both Yahoo and Firefox strongly denies.

    Chris Beard, Mozilla’s CEO stated “Our new search strategy doubles down on our commitment to make Firefox a browser for everyone, with more choice and opportunity for innovation”

    Yahoo intend to create “a smooth modern and immersive design” ready for launch in the US in December.

    Yahoo are really excited about the 10 year deal claiming that this is the ‘most significant partnership’ they have made in the last 5 years according to Yahoo’s CEO Marisa Mayer. She went on to say; ”Here at Yahoo we believe deeply in Search, it’s an area of investment and opportunity for us.

    Users of Firefox search engine will automatically be directed to results on the Yahoo website whenever they enter a subject or search query into the small search box that appears on the top of the Firefox browser, which they hope will increase their market share of search volume.

    Mozilla Firefox trails behind Google’s Chrome, the market leading browser. According to data firm Stat-Counter Yahoo currently accounts for only 10% of search traffic from US desktops, tablets and mobile phones compared to 33% for Google in the month of October.

    Changes in the US are not the only ones that Mozilla are making on the browser front, they are also directing all default searches to Baidu’s in China and Russian users will soon be using Yandex.

    Why Mozilla have made this radical change is not widely known in the public domain with much of what is being reported pretty much speculation.

    Google themselves seem un-phased by Mozilla’s move to one of its rivals, albeit a smaller rival with Google’s chairman Eric Schmidt claiming that it’s actually online retail giant Amazon that it feels is more of a competitor in the search market than the likes of Yahoo, Bing or Facebook for that matter.

    By: Johnny G
    Posted: November 24, 2014, 1:08 pm

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