If you are a Seller

    Looey Tremblay
    By Looey Tremblay
    If you are a Seller

    Ready to list your property for sale in Belize,Belize Seabeach,Belize Real Estate
    We'll personally meet with you to discuss how to price your home and to decide upon a list price.

    We'll give you the inside scoop about ways to make your property more saleable.

    Then, we'll map out a great marketing and advertising strategy.

    You can count on us to arrange showings with qualified buyers and deal with the terms and conditions in any contract negotiations.

    We'll provide great advice - before you sell, when you sell and after you sell.

    If you're thinking about selling your property in Belize, please call us at (501) 824-0550 or email us at Info@BelizePropertyCenter.com.


    Looey Tremblay

    Looey Tremblay

    You can experience Belize real estate at its very best with RE/MAX Property Center ~ our expert team of realtors in Belize knows there's no place like home.
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    Belize Property Center is a full service real estate company located in San Ignacio, Belize which offers countrywide coverage for property buyers and sellers throughout Belize – from the Old World...