How to boost enterprise software adoption

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    The demand of enterprise software is elevating and it even serves as the very basic foundation of a modern economy thereby helping in the growth of businesses. There are several Enterprise applications that gratify every organizational requirement and they can decline if not adopted by end users. There are certain IT professionals that face repetitions of common end users; some face security breaches whereas others will endure the need to accommodate their workflow. Enterprises can run into user adoption issues during software implementation without even recognizing the various issues of managing change. We cannot deny that an app may meet every business requirement and functionality, but success in software depends with the great extent user adoption phase.

    According to the reports, few companies illustrated that in comparison to the last two years, effective usage rates of enterprise software have declined. And it was estimated that there are 17 percent of organizations that are suffering from productivity failure. The enterprise software development that is at its peak may even decline if employees do not work in accordance with the new concepts. Thus, the following methods that are proficient in promoting Enterprise Software Adoption are:

    Software Features and Functionality: The features must be consolidated on the basis of user’s expectation. Software professionals cater overall functionality in prospects of development, but it lacks behind in case of designing. There have been certain issues that can be neglected by the enterprise software teams by monitoring the positive aspects and existent business environment. Taking notes, consolidating feedback from leadership and IT personnel are certain factors that are being taken into consideration by Business analysts and project managers. Rather than focusing on laptops, consultants and enterprise software teams must lodge themselves in the workforce drain.

    On the ground with end users: The success of software can have a large impact on operations, so there have been given large scale investments that are essential for enterprise distribution. Due to user adoption issues, organization in overabundance of $100 million gave up a software implementation. There is no denying fact that a well managed user adoption strategy is highly beneficial. Thus a well balanced team of business analysts and project managers are required to deliver an app that meets the sales team requirements.

    Focus on change management: The main focus has been put upon emphasizing the issue as early as the conceptual phase of a project and this has been considered as the most impressive way to enhance user adoption. After being related to the users, organizations must await resistance and complexity. Software teams could better be able to coordinate their development and designing process in that prospect. Heavy attention and dedication from analysts will result in the development of software that will deliver in respect of visualization and operational needs of a business user.

    Documentation, Socialization and upkeep: Users must be aware that how they should adapt to the enterprise software system and they must be provided with resources to supplement that support. In case of long term user adoption, documentation and socialization sometimes become difficult because of the priorities of project managers and analysts.

    If you build they won’t necessarily come: Enterprise software must be created in such a manner that will merge directly with the existing processes. In order to achieve the optimal future state of the incoming software system, software teams must do all the processes due to the varied nature of enterprise ecosystem and their efficient processes and workflows.

    By: Ridhima Gupta
    Posted: December 1, 2014, 11:50 am

    Mobile Programming LLC.

    Mobile Programming LLC.

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