The combined feasibility of Cloud and IOT

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    With the growth of technology, the number of devices have increased with the mobile applications operating at a faster speed. The devices have been linked to each other for better, and more of these devices have now access to the IP (Internet Protocol). The millions of embedded devices that are not fitted into devices need proper human machine interface to work appropriately. This interface must be developed in manner so that it enhances quality of life, safety and productivity of users. The interfaces must be such that developers get used to these soon and have less trouble learning new features with each upcoming model.

    The actual benefit of Internet of things will come to forefront only when it is coalesced with the cloud. With the interaction of devices across the globe, reams of data will be produced. This data needs to be stored, analyzed, and transformed into valuable knowledge as well as actionable intelligence. Cloud is a really powerful mechanism that will drive productive, cost- effective actions from insights. A lot of this Big data will be analyzed for better, to usher in with cost effective products for the end users. In all of device to device interaction, the cloud infrastructure acts as the brain that takes care of decision making and optimization activities between the connected devices. It can also be used to integrate applications, monitor devices, analyze data leading it to timely client delivery of the product innovation.

    Many applications that are concerned with process monitoring and healthcare have  more sensitive data and need tightened jurisdiction. High frequency data like vibration data, audio signals, CAN bus data, etc. require reliable sensor transmission. All these types of data need sync with Quality of Service ( QoS ). With slew of devices and sensors all time interacting with each other and with the cloud, the issue of security is looming great. Secure transaction, thereby is of vital importance as the data being transmitted is mostly lethal to internet attacks and data leaks and unless the networks are protected of these the future of connected devices shall be in doldrums.

    By: Ridhima Gupta
    Posted: November 25, 2014, 12:35 pm

    Mobile Programming LLC.

    Mobile Programming LLC.

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