Healthcare sector to get boost via Internet of Things

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    Internet of things has faced the biggest revolution in the healthcare sector. With slew of monitoring and recording devices around the patients, it is now easier to capture the data of the patent, know his health, know the tilt of the patient’s bed, know when to take the medicines and when to enable a conversation with the physician. A number of wireless sensor-based systems are implemented today for gathering patient medical data that was not available earlier for better analysis. Microcontrollers are also in execution these days that are used for processing, analyzing and wirelessly communicating the data.

    A swath of healthcare specific gateways are being designed to analyze the sensor data to be sent to the cloud. Several developments in sensor and connectivity technology are being made to drive preventive care, allow prompt diagnosis of acute complications and understand why a therapy is important for a specific patient. The reason why these developments are necessary is because all such smaller applications would change the facet of the entire healthcare sector for better. Imagine if some near one forgot his medicine, and you are able to detect it, and inform the patient about it for his betterment. Incase you need to visit a nearby hospital with empty beds, then the technology would be there to assist you along while helping you navigate the route to the hospital with the aid of GPS system.

    Google Glass is in the forefront of all wearable devices to be accepted by the healthcare industry. This smart device helps doctors capture imagery and videos of entire surgeries. These videos can be shared with medical students for proper exemplification of the cases. Also the same videos can be later used for referring to a similar case in future. These can also be shared online with other doctors in erstwhile places. In many ways social media has brought people together to talk about various issues concerning their existence. The breakthrough in the field of IOT will help boost our economy as well as the health of users across the globe.

    By: Ridhima Gupta
    Posted: November 22, 2014, 7:25 am

    Mobile Programming LLC.

    Mobile Programming LLC.

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