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    We are gradually forging into an era of computing technology where there is going to be widespread interaction of devices all around, accomplishing various tasks in order to simplify the routine of the users. This interaction between Machine to Machine, Machine to Infrastructure, Machine to Environment will pave the way for Internet of Everything ( IoE ), the Internet of Intelligent Things and Intelligent systems. In years to come IOT will become a “global massive neural network” enabled in the Cloud that will encompass every aspect of our lives. The interaction of devices will yield large bouts of data which will be used in an intelligent manner to “control and command” our activities so that less waste is generated from our otherwise unwise actions.

    IOT does not only comprise of the hardware but also makes use of intricate software that must render thorough functionality. The self-learning apps must not only be able to capture the data from the surroundings but also be able to distinguish between the useful and the wasteful data about the user. The smart thermostats have begun to follow the same theology wherein the apps are understanding and analysing the user behaviour in the house,  therefore regulating the same average temperature at home even when the user is away. The ongoing app development will lead to :

    • making our lives easier

    • driving greater efficiency

    • easing out the communication when making trip to a specialist like physician, etc.

    These benefits will only be attained once there are common software standards to build reliable platforms  resulting in prolific apps to reach maximum potential of IOT.

    When developing apps that would enable communication between devices and also sense user behaviour, several niche of industries must be understood. They are :

    • in a broader sense we are enabling Machine-to-machine communication

    • Machine-to-infrastructure communication

    • Healthcare : real-time monitoring of patients, their diagnosis, and medicine delivery

    • Smart Transportation : monitoring and upgradation of vehicles

    • Smart Logistics

    • Automatic Traffic Management

    • Security of Home and the workplace

    • Environmental Monitoring and control

    • Applications that uplift working of agriculture, buildings, grid meters, broadband, animal farming, and so on.

    The most important concern with IOT is not the proprietary software or the M2M platforms but the developers that can merge all the use cases and leverage applications that execute the four basic usage models – Manage, Monetize, Operate and Expand. A drift  in the development needs to be come to the mainstream to become modular and deliver similar technology patterns from one application to another. This might need several layers of connectivity between interfaces, data analytic tools, security components, database choices and cloud services. The applications can be used and reused just as a part of Software as a Service ( SaaS )  leading to a library of similar classified set of build modules.

    With the implementation of effective applications we can surely expect that IOT is not a far off reality. The flexible mash up amidst Big data, Cloud and Internet of things will lead to interlinking of all life supporting functions for the long term benefit of the end users.

    By: Ridhima Gupta
    Posted: November 17, 2014, 11:10 am

    Mobile Programming LLC.

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