Sensors hold huge prominence among connected devices

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    There have been horde of developments over the past years in areas of mobility solutions, wearables and other devices in order to leverage maximum usability to the people. The effective connection and collaboration of data as well as devices will lead to the culmination of Internet of things all over the planet. Wifi, RFID, ZigBee etc. are being fully enforced in order to connect the physical objects to the network and store user data to analyse it further. This analysis will further be used to launch new innovations that will cause daily tasks to become even more simplified. The key verticals where the IOT is acting in full swing are connected wearables, connected cars, connected homes, connected cities and various sectors of  the industry. Over the years the production and launch of several sensors, smartphones and other enablers that are used to gather data have seen a downfall in their costs. The appropriate cost efficiencies and sustainable drive to use the stored data on Cloud are leading to various new discoveries forging us towards the era of Internet of things.

    The greatest driver behind connecting the physical objects are the sensors. As the IOT is growing with leaps and bounds these semiconductor objects are finding use in almost all devices. Whether it be agricultural equipments or any household appliance, sensors are helping find every minute detail about the user function and in turn produce the desired results. LED lighting will help lower costs and render effective services by connecting, gathering and sensing the environment.  Smart glasses and watches are also benefiting from a larger BOM cost.

    Along with lowering of cost of sensors, the cost of bandwidth has declined by 40X over past ten years. Big data has also been impacted with number of endpoints increasing with every user. An average of 2.7 endpoints are being used by users today, with some even occupied at 7 deliverables like cell phones, tablets, laptops, wearable devices, sensors etc each day. Social media, sensors and embedded devices help capitulate on gathered data so that the unexplored areas can be analyzed to lead to growth in the next level of innovation. The rising challenge in the analytics field is to treat the data as a supply chain rather than a warehouse. There is already enough data that has been gathered and needs diligent analysis so the main issue that comes in front of developers is to offer all the suitable data that a user would require.

    With the advent of Internet of Things, devices and data both have increased to manifold times. Therefore there has been a gradual switching to IPv6 where there will be no need for private addresses and the data packet sending paradigm will come to an end. With the new devices coming to forefront and nearly 75 percent companies investing on the Internet of things, different operating systems are being experimented that acquire  less than 20 Kbyte, and even one supporting a full IPv6 stack and the other high-level protocols including DTLS that would probably fit into 70 Kbyte.

    As the connected devices capture each niche of industrials to benefit the users in some way or the other, the various ligaments that comprise its periphery are gaining momentum in terms of cost efficiency and functional stability. The time is not far when the world will be better connected by Big data, Cloud and Internet of Things working in a perfect harmony.

    By: Ridhima Gupta
    Posted: November 17, 2014, 11:27 am

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