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    We have been witnessing explosion of smart devices in the last few years but more needs to be done to enhance functionality of the machines so that they work more smartly in the physical environment. Internet of Things is playing a major role to connect all devices to the network in order to capture every minute data about the user and his surrounding workplace. This data will later be analysed to launch new innovative products. Today devices already come embedded with sensors and actuators that are obtaining every minute detail of the user’s activity throughout the day. Users will soon be able to notice the manifestation of IOT in the form of fully automated homes, smart vehicles and agricultural equipments. Even cities are on the horizon of smartification. With billions of tiny robots ad cobweb of sensors surrounding our existence, the Terminator series of movies does not seem to be far from reality.

    The Internet of Things is experiencing a fast progress in the area of connected wearable devices which is why nearly 75 percent of the industries are exploring it to interconnect all of their internal as well as external work processes. Several new dimensions are emerging that would take the era of connected devices one step further. Fitness bands, action cameras, smart watches, smart glasses and now the cars are getting smarter with each new updated model that comes to the mainstream market. Smart cars come preloaded with intuitive functions driven by infotainment, navigation, safety, diagnostics, and fleet management. On the other hand, smart homes seem to be the most potential ground for the IOT as there are various spheres that can be spawned to offer better security, enhanced automation and reduced energy usage through smart thermostats and HVAC systems.

    Meanwhile this smartification of the planet is not limited to the wearables or the home-place alone. Connected cities is another niche where the IOT has begun to make its mark. According to surveys, US is the biggest player in the adoption of smart meter technology for power utilities, reaching about 50 percent penetration of 150 million endpoints. Europe is also foraging a target of getting nearly 80 percent of households to make use of smart meters by the year 2020. These smart meters and grid network architecture are essential to be incorporated in the cities so as to lay the foundation of smart street lighting, parking meters, traffic lights, electric vehicle charging  leading to a closer integration of the different units in a city governance.

    With the growing age of sensors and connected devices, the industries are gradually adopting the smarter machines in their company ecosystem to establish networks between machines, humans, and the Internet. As per reports, IOT opportunities could rise to $2 million by 2020, spanning across various sectors, from transportation to health-care, oil and gas. About 45 percent of the industries also believe that adoption of IOT will make their company more eco friendly.

    Most of the industrial verticals are forging diligent efforts to interconnect every facet of the end users’ daily routine. With the ongoing research and development, we must surely await a better, connected world with several devices and sensors surrounding our very existence.

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    By: Ridhima Gupta
    Posted: November 12, 2014, 12:33 pm

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