Future innovation is driving the emergence of connected devices

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    From the business services to experiences and processes, all are  being impacted by the advent of Internet of things in the modern technology driven arena. IOT is not just the mere expansion of internet as well as its services but a systematic revolution to get hold of all technology devices and add immense worth to them in order to reduce human efforts to negligible limits. This technical revolution has not just found relevance in soil monitors and irrigation but also natural resources management. Apart from bringing together the natural resources for enhanced utilization, IOT is delving deep into business processes to reconfigure legacy workflows, interact with clients and earn monetary profits.

    It has also been observed that connected devices can also relevance to the medical industry in rendering better patient care and dosage monitoring pill caps. There have been slew of innovations in improving the quality of care for patients with long term degenerative diseases. Connected devices are helping augment the medical processes to leverage efficient medical outputs. Google Glass has been significant enough in disabling communication gap between patients and physicians, recording images and videos while live surgery and retaining the medical cases as referrals for later purposes.

    When talking about home automation, IOT brings together all devices to achieve energy conservation along with freeing users’ by not investing time when the machines can already control several operations. For instance, regulating the temperature of refrigerators when not in active use. In the same manner, the collective assimilation of data of several home appliances can be controlled via one machine to ascertain greater collaboration of device and data.

    The idea of Internet of Things is not restricted to computers or merely devices. It is about complete automation of user’s environment and gathering all “stuffs” to organise bits of data into an organised pattern. Big data analytics and cloud computing are playing great role in adhering to what is known as “building our smart planet”. Wifi, Bluetooth, Near Field Communication, RFID, barcodes, QR codes and Digital watermarking and other artificial intelligence technologies are being deployed for further augmentation of connecting the devices together.

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    By: Ridhima Gupta
    Posted: November 10, 2014, 12:28 pm

    Mobile Programming LLC.

    Mobile Programming LLC.

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