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    Hotel Alexandra Denmark
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    Design Hotel Copenhagen, Alexandra is the most sterling and splendid aspect of the city Denmark. Denmark has constantly been well known for its many years old hotels and not just in perspective of the excellent lodgings show there, but also for the territory which produced an array of the most terrific architects ever. Hotel Alexandra was at first built as a cutting edge structure of that time, which contained numerous upscale extravagance suites. In 1910, the building was assumed control by Kathe and Theodor Hansen, who changed the situation of the building and from that point forward, the convenient upgrades eventually transformed it into a lovely hotel. Hotel Alexandra which is made in the condo now gloats about a 100 year old legacy and gladly expands the precise best hotel custom of Denmark.
    The Retro Design hotel in Copenhagen has been especially developed to recreate the Danish era that has been closed to the heart of ancestors and is highly fading away today. The ambience has been made to dwell in as archaic as possible to let the customer experience the royalty and splendor of Danish culture. Alexandra has seen different managers do opportune rebuilding efforts to it about whether yet regardless it bears the Danish climate in it. It is arranged right next to the fascinating Tivoli Gardens at the heart of the Danish capital, Copenhagen. The stunning hotel Copenhagen has 61 vast rooms which are overflowed with top class extravagance and all the current amenities. Besides, there are two suites committed to the fabulous Danish modelers, Finn Juhl and Verner Panton, which are the principle fascination of the inn. The premium suites have vintage construction modeling alongside the extraordinary plans and obsolescent furniture.
    The Boutique Hotel Copenhagen endows an authentic and lively lounge for its customers to dwell in solace, experience the antique furniture, explore the historic architecture and find oneself in the Danish era, relive the history and rejuvenate the senses of freshness and smiles. Alexandra is also a proud holder of “Green Key”, a certificate awarded to the hotels for their contribution towards the preservation of the environment and all the related issues. The hotel is also associated with upbringing of 2 children from the 3rd world countries, imbibe them with education & basic amenities and ignite in their lives the lamp of success and happiness.
    A must visit place, when you are in Copenhagen.

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    Hotel Alexandra Denmark

    Hotel Alexandra Denmark

    The Alexandra is a design buff´s dream come true
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    Hotel Alexandra represents the best of Danish hotel tradition. These traditions were created during the more than 100 years that the hotel has been established in this historical building located in...