Internet of Things is gaining traction in Healthcare Sector

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    Internet of things is the association of devices in order to render human based functions with the assistance of internet and cloud computing. As more and more data is growing, Internet of things is also gaining attention and traction. The datafication of everything is the ultimate aim of concepts like Big data, cloud computing and Internet of Everything (IOE).

    Connected devices are required everywhere. Healthcare is benefitting greatly by the connection of all devices. Machines like Fetal monitors, electrocardiograms, temperature monitors are helping the patients as well as physicians to help keep track of blood glucose levels or track other vital health information associated with the patients. Many of this data needs healthy interaction with a healthcare professional. Thus smarter devices can help offer valuable data, without the need of patient and the doctor actually communicating to each other.

    Today hospitals are implementing “smart beds” that can detect when the bed is occupied and when the patient is attempting to get up. The bed also ensures pressure and support so that the manual assistance with the nurse is also reduced to great limits. There is also growing facility of smart dispensers that updates the data automatically to the cloud when the same data must be updated by the officials associated with the task. google Glass is amidst the most popular gadget as well as the most used connected device that is helping enrich the interaction of the doctors with the patents in several unseen ways. The surgeons have used the device to record the imagery of an operation that can be viewed later for further brainstorm. These medical cases can be shared with other medical communities for delivering enhanced treatment to the ailing patients.

    The smart devices are blessing in disguise that need to become more secure so that the data be used for any relevant purposes. Otherwise the future of Internet of Things is already outshining with mobility solutions having been widely adopted by people across the globe.

    By: Ridhima Gupta
    Posted: November 4, 2014, 12:44 pm

    Mobile Programming LLC.

    Mobile Programming LLC.

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