Cloud-based Business models to drive future innovation

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    Most of the organisations are facing data leak breaches that are resulting into organisational setups getting more stringent for any change in the architectural change in technology implied in the premises. With the emergence of BYOD ( Bring your own Device), this data leak threat has increased. The top notch companies are using cloud services for various data transfer and storage but at the same time they are threatened by data hacks by professional hackers who have all the mediums and infrastructure pre installed to obtain the requisite information. Therefore it is becoming very important to streamline the business processes as per latest mobility developments. At the same time it is significant to make way for data security checks so that organisations have far-sighted benefits from Big data, security intelligence and analytics based approaches to security management.

    While applying the BYOD essentials in one’s own business it is important to cater to a few facts. It is important to lay a plan and a complete policy underlying the BYOD as well as enterprise mobility objectives of the company. There is a four fold purpose of BYOD policy.

    • Audience : It is important for all the employees and staff members to understand the credentials held in the BYOD policy and that the users must understand that they are being covered under the BYOD policy of the organisation.

    • Policy significance : The employees must be made to understand the importance of following the BYOD policy.

    • Covered Equipment and Authorization Process :  The policy will help understand the devices that could be used and the other guidelines related to usage of devices in the company premises.

    With the heavy usage of cloud and distributed computing system , the data storage facility has expanded to infinitesimal limits. Cloud and its various internal as well as external applications are being implemented in a new, flexible style to lend friendly user experience along with tighter security revolving around the business data.

    By: Ridhima Gupta
    Posted: October 20, 2014, 1:16 pm

    Mobile Programming LLC.

    Mobile Programming LLC.

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