Alexandra: The boutique hotel in city centre Copenhagen

    Shairy Vaid
    By Shairy Vaid

    The boutique hotel Copenhagen, built delineating Danish culture. The hotel has been recently renovated to give it the best contemporary changes with the impeccable feel of Danish traditions and infrastructure, to provide to its customer the era of the 1950s and 1960s. The hotel has been skillfully changed from fashionable apartments to classic Danish hotel with the sheer dedication and hard work by Kathe and Theodor Hansen.

    This hotel is Copenhagen is regarded to as the heart and heaven of the city evoking towards it the Interest of the visitors and making it the paramount hotel amongst several others. The hotel dispenses to its customers all the basic and sublime services with the finest touch of Danish era, thus, making them love the whole experience of being moved to the history and making them fall in love with it all over again. This hotel comes as an unerring concoction if being archaic and contemporary.

    The Boutique hotel Copenhagen bestows with 61 rooms, designed and crafted with pristine Danish ambience and paradigmatic Danish era furniture because as the experts say, “furniture says it all”, thus, a singular attention has been given towards furniture, especially the chairs, which are meant to be the portrait speaker of each space.
    The hotel is located at 7.9 km from Amager East. It takes 27 minutes to reach from the Copenhagen Central Station from where there’s a train after 8 minutes, thus, the hotel is well connected from all the ways and due to its popularity, It becomes even easier to trace it.

    Along with the soulful accommodation, hotel Alexandra renders services like comfortable and functional lounge to relax yourself and dwell into the epoch of Danish prevalence and satisfy your soul with peace and beauty. Also, it provides to its customers the facility of a light and bubbly restaurant that satisfies the taste buds of the visitors by serving delicious and delectable food.

    Also, the hotel excels in keeping up with the freshness and comprehensiveness of the beautiful nature, thus, it holds “GREEN KEY”, the environmental certificate given to hotels for their for their special consideration towards the environment and related issues. It also helps in social and noble causes like upbringing of the children in the 3rd world countries and providing them with basic amenities and education to give them a bright future, hence, understanding the social responsibility.

    Everyone who visits Copenhagen, don’t forget to keep Alexandra, the boutique hotel in your it nary and experience the whole new world of Danish culture.


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