The luxurious and aesthetic Hotel in city centre Copenhagen

    Shairy Vaid
    By Shairy Vaid

    Denmark, also known as the happiest countries in the world is one the most visited tourist places in Europe. Copenhagen, the most beautiful city in Denmark, is the prime attraction of Denmark. It’s beautiful attractions like Tivoli gardens, little mermaid statue, its eye catching street which is an living example of extraordinary mixture of old Danish architecture which is famous around the world and modern European finishing. These are few of the things which draw lots of tourists around the world and the city shares its happiness with them.

    Most of the tourist that fly to Denmark, generally lands in Copenhagen, The capital city. The first question which is there in every tourists mind is to find luxurious and Boutique hotel Copenhagen. There are more than 100 hotels in the city, and most of them have a good name. To find the hotel first and foremost thing is the location of the hotel. City center is one of the prime locations in Denmark. The reason behind selecting this place is that it’s very close to the residential area. Denmark is known for its aesthetic Old Danish architecture which one can easily see in the nearby streets.

    Aside from that Stoget the longest street market is in close vicinity. The street market is exceptionally beautiful and extensive. In the market place one can find all the big and modern brands as well and small street side shops are also there. One can do all types of shopping in one place. City is center is also close to popular beaches in the city, which one can reach easily even by taking a bicycle ride. The bi-cycle ride will also give a closer view of the city.

    There are many hotels in the city center as well, however hotel Alexandria is one of the most beautiful Hotel in city centre Copenhagen. The hotel is designed in most aesthetic way, and its architecture is second to none. Every small place in hotel is very unique and one can clearly see the hard work done by the designer and craftsmen. The work is so detailed; it truly reminds the Danish architecture of 60’s. The hotel is cherished by most of the guests who have been here and has been mentioned in National Geographic and Louis Vuitton magazines. These factors make this hotel clearly first choice when need to find the best Hotel in city center Copenhagen.

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