The driving forces behind Enterprise Mobility

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    Enterprise mobility has become the core facet of the organisations where maximum benefits in the businesses are being obtained by the introduction of the “on-the-go” technology. Organisations are making efforts to streamline their workflows, bring forth new frameworks in order to grow their outputs to superior levels. Today users have the latest tools and analytics for their personal data usage, hence implementing the same for a business environment has become pervasive. Also the significant popularity of the smart phones and tablets has made the personal device usage more enjoyable than those deployed for work. This has also made the organisations rethink about their work culture alteration in order to rebuild old standards to offer new, innovative solutions to the employees.


    Increase in demand of Smart devices and their likeability by users

    The growth of mobile devices has led to technology convergence, ubiquitous connectivity and increased affordability of data assimilation on all forefronts. According to International Telecommunication Union reports, 5.3 billion devices are using 3G services across 143 countries. Today there are more number of smartphones than personal computers and laptops.

    The reason why these devices have grown so speedily across the planet is because they lend the users with real time computations and decisions making capabilities. The user has access to data in an instant and the data can be transcended for various purposes in split of a second. This lends a dynamic nature to the nature of the residing, static data of the user.


    Increased use of Mobility by employees leading to the dawn of BYOD

    Today, employees work during their vacations, on bed and while driving. They are consistent and never away from work. In such a work intrinsic environment, the users have come to closer levels of business perfection with the fast procession of smart devices across the globe. As businesses grew along with the simultaneous rise in smart devices amidst the users, the need to use the personal devices for corporate work started looming upon the businesses. Gradually, this culture has now come to the mainstream as more and more businesses have started lending permissions for the use of corporate data on personally owned devices.


    Inhibitions while actualizing Enterprise Mobility

    There are rising concerns regarding security, data leaks, complexity of support, cost, limited IT budgets and contention for privacy between PCs and laptops in an organisational architecture. For sure, there has been a shift of focus from Mobile Device Management to Mobile Application Management, and the technology is no longer device-centric, but still the implementation of the entire setup is far too complex. Nonetheless, all organisations, no matter of what size and productivity, are making legitimate efforts to drive enhanced consumer satisfaction and employee productivity.


    Benefits of BYOD

    Even though there are a number of loopholes with the mobility technology to be subsided with the legacy processes, there are outright benefits that are offered by mobility solutions.

    They are :

    • Improved employee satisfaction

    • Increased worker productivity

    • Greater mobility for workers

    • Flexible work environment for workers

    • Attracting and retaining high quality staff of employees

    • Faster onboarding of employees and third parties

    • Enhanced business continuity


    Shaping a Mobile-centric future

    In order to possess a secure future of the business world, it is worthwhile to observe the usability patterns and trade offs regarding deployment of smart devices for data storage and transaction by the consumers as well as the employees. An organisation must then lay foundation of a holistic mobile strategy in order to incorporate enterprise mobility management.

    By: Ridhima Gupta
    Posted: September 23, 2014, 7:56 am

    Mobile Programming LLC.

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