Can a Business expand without Enterprise Mobility Strategy ?

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    With the adoption of smart technology across the globe, there is a dire need to mobilise all the work processes with the latest development in connecting the devices. Various types of devices like smartphones, tablets, phablets and wearables are being used by the workforce. These need to be coherently used for personal as well as professional tasks so that the security for both the tasks is not hampered. The organisations, on the other hand, have a greater risk of losing data to scrupulous persons that can play havoc to the businesses. The presence of diverse operating systems and devices has resulted in developing a mobile first strategy that can render great usability to the organisations.

    There are basically four types of architecture where the integration is required, namely, mobile apps, responsive websites, web apps and hybrid apps. Just in case the employees do not have much interaction with the devices, then there is no point for the organisation to lend another hand to enterprise mobility set up in the company. But if great number of users  have automated their varied processes through their smart devices, then creating a strategy for the entire organisation is surely a smart move. This will not only keep the work organised and coordinated but also make it easy to cater to clients and consumers. The top notch organisations keep their premises updated with the latest IT development in the industry. Hence, owning the best mobility solutions leads to having an edge over the others in the same sector.

    Some companies find it easy to implement the mobile strategy across the workplaces but some companies don’t find it easy to equip the entire workplace with those features. Sectors like banking, partner companies, supply chain etc. could benefit greatly by collaborating with their employees and consumers using the apps. There could be native as well as hybrid apps to function together in personal as well as professional environments. Although, with intuitive implementation of HTML5 and Java script , hybrid apps becomes the most favoured and most compatible choice of people across all organisations.

    Along with app development, the usage of cloud computing services is also prevalent in most of the organisations that have experienced exponential rise in the business data. Many of the applications are directly being build on the cloud. It is being used to leverage several services like interlinking records for future generation systems. Hybrid cloud is being used to drive growth of innovative technologies and to yield maximum throughput through augmentation of services for security reasons.

    It has become a common habit to enable mobile banking, emails, messages and social media on mobiles. These devices hold the future and most of the upcoming work and projects will be catering to services rendered through the smart devices. Therefore, enterprise mobility no where sees a downward slope. The manifestation of connected devices with a very close knit integration with app development will gradually lead to an entire cobweb of connected plans, people and processes that are essentially crucial for the constant success of a business in today’s growing competitive market.

    By: Ridhima Gupta
    Posted: September 16, 2014, 11:32 am

    Mobile Programming LLC.

    Mobile Programming LLC.

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