6 Splendid Workout Hairstyles

    Alax Mandola
    By Alax Mandola

    Hairstyles play an important role everywhere – no matter whether you are going out for a party or shopping or hitting your gym. There are different ways of styling your hair according to different situations. So, if you want to know what you can do with your hair before proceeding to your workout session, here are some simple yet elegant hairstyles you can try. They will not just make you look good but also stylish as you head towards your gym classes.

    • Braid: Braids are one of the favorite hairstyles of most of the women that look perfect while working out. If you have long and thick hair, this is one of the styles meant for you. They look chic yet elegant and one doesn’t need to re-do them. And when it comes to different types of braids, most popular ones are simple braid, fishtail braid and French braid. They are very easy to do and look great on almost every face shape. Apart from these, Dutch braids and reverse- French braids can also be considered.

    • Ponytail: This is something almost every lady loves to make before going for a workout. In fact, it is the simplest form of hairstyle in which you just have to pull the hair high and secure it with a band. You can also take a thick hair strand and wrap it around the elastic band to hide the band. Well, whatever way you choose, ponytail is the best hairstyle for gym.

    • Topknot: Another good yet elegant hairdo for your gym classes is a topknot. This hairstyle is subtle for all types of exercises and even you lie flat on the floor or bench, you won’t feel any discomfort. For this hairdo, just twist your hair into a knot and secure it on the top of the crown with the help of an elastic band. A topknot is a great way to save oneself from sweating and can be easily made for medium to long hair.

    • Twisted Bun: Many women are most comfortable during workout when they make twisted buns. For this, make a low ponytail and twist it and secure it with bobby pins on the lower head. This hairstyle is very easy to make and takes less than three minutes. Also, when you open up the bun, your tresses look effortlessly stylish.

    • Pigtail: Loose pigtails are great for ladies who do low-impact exercises like treadmill walking, stretch exercises etc. For this, partition you hair such that you get two equal halves of hair strands. Secure each half with an elastic band to achieve the style. Well, you should avoid this hairstyle if you indulge in exercises like running, jumping and so on.

    • If you want to include some hair accessories in your style, go for ponytails, topknots and buns. Make a ponytail and wear a cap to look incredibly stylish. You can also accessorize your ponytail look with a cute headband or bandana. Headbands also look great on buns and topknots!

    These are some of the simplest yet stylish hairdos for your workout sessions. If you want perfect hairstyles for parties, marriages and more; just visit http://www.slendershape.co.in/ – one of the renowned beauty parlours in Ludhiana. This beauty hub offers highly effective and affordable beauty services in Ludhiana that are worth splurging on. Book your appointment now!

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