Get ready to rejoice your senses in Hotel in city centre Copenhagen

    Shairy Vaid
    By Shairy Vaid

    This makes this city one of the unique cities in Europe. Denmark receives huge number of tourists every year and most of the tourist starts there travel from Copenhagen. It’s beautiful landscapes, street markets like in stroget wherein all types of shops from the small street shop to all the big brands all can be found on one street, beautiful gardens and amusement parks like Tivoli Gardens are few of the main attractions in Copenhagen. Another foremost reason for the higher number of tourist count is its geographical location, Denmark is surrounded by three neighboring countries Germany, Sweden and Norway. Tourists visiting these places also visit Denmark.

    As per the stats of UNTO’s World Tourism Rankings Denmark has received more than 9 million tourists in the last year. The number is expected to increase tremendously in this year and coming year. One of the main challenges which tourist faces here is find the right hotel for themselves. There are many options in front of them and they have to find the right hotel Copenhagen. There are more than 150 good hotels in Copenhagen itself. As Denmark is known for its spectacular architecture which still gives the impression of older Danish Architecture which was globally famous. There are few hotels in Denmark which has very beautiful architecture. Works by architects like Arne Jacobsen in Copenhagen Hotel are very popular and cherished all over the globe. His work is very detailed and makes the people believe that they are actually visiting the “Fairytale Country” which is also a popular name for Denmark.

    Copenhagen is a big city and city center is heart of the Copenhagen city. The major attractions like the Tivoli Gardens, Free town Christiana, the popular little mermaid statue and off course the longest street market in eurpe “Stoget” they all lies in the close proximity. Hence many travel experts recommend tourists to look for hotel in city centre Copenhagen. This makes it easier for the tourist to do their shopping and sightseeing without spending much time on traveling. City center is also in close proximity of three popular beaches like AmagerStrandpark. The length of the beaches varies from 4 KMs to 8 KMs and they can be reached in 15-25 minutes of time from city center. Tourist can also take bicycles to reach there so they can enjoy the nearby landscape as well. These beaches are located at Island Brygge which has won international popularity. This makes Copenhagen the perfect location to spend holidays in Europe.

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