How has cloud computing led to major innovations

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    Cloud computing is the most innovative technology that serves enterprises towards augmented capacity of their businesses. Business agility and scalability are the key components that have become essential for the growth of businesses and can be achieved by using cloud technology. It is being considered as the way to attain on demand swiftness and consistent scalability in operations. The researches so far have proclaimed that cloud based solutions are expected to cater disruptive advantages. It has been predicted that there are only few enterprise decision makers that are prepared to adapt into the cloud delivery model.

    This latest trend is being used in several sectors due to the increasing demands of people based on future oriented mobility. This has even served in the field of sports sector and continually strive to cater better user experience. Cloud system has the potential to respond quickly during any sports event or when the tournament is about to get started. It has helped users in predicting the ways that players need to follow to increase their possibility of winning against their opponents. There have been Bay area that has ensured to serve riders by operating wireless network that transmit mobility solutions and services to  travelers underground. Use of cloud mobility solutions catered developers to briskly develop and deliver projects at a faster rate.

    Given this context, it has been highly adaptable among e-commerce websites. These are using cloud based mobility solutions so that they may provide customized offers, economical price and promotions in real time. It becomes feasible for them to create new services that will allow consumers to take products online.  Businesses are growing at a rapid pace by taking a leap towards the cloud. Following are the recent trends by which cloud computing is driving innovation:


    • Interlinking system of records with future generation systems: Enterprises are consolidating the systems that depend on internal functioning to the systems as mails etc. to connect with customers, business partners and employees.The main objective behind using this methodology was to gain traction of large amounts of data compiled by an organization. This scalable approach is helping in mobilizing this trend.


    • Use of cloud technology to speed innovation: The transformation to new business strategy is developing foundation in such a manner so that it becomes feasible for them to turn their business models. New and enhanced apps or business processes are created when enterprises take services and data together to bind them in a single process. The data are safeguarded by making use of an open cloud environment as it is considered to be the reliable process.


    • Augmenting services in a hybrid cloud environment: By automating cloud services, enterprises can actually monitor the way their services are being used to ensure privacy and security. They can work with multiple number of communities, create applications and develop tech based business models. This is the most effective approach for those enterprises that used to think that they are losing control over their revenue accommodated in centralized data centers.

    Cloud computing technology is not only for tech savvies. IT professionals also give an equal response to the ways that cloud offers to create enhanced business models. Cloud has emerged as a powerhouse of innovation  and from technology perspective it is being adapted for efficiency and cost savings at an initial phase.

    By: Ridhima Gupta
    Posted: September 8, 2014, 1:52 pm

    Mobile Programming LLC.

    Mobile Programming LLC.

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